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Moonchild Sanelly Lashes Out On An ENTIRE FAMILY After Tweep Insulted Her


South African dancer, Moonchild Sanelly involves an entire family in her clap back at tweep who disses her and her nudity.

Moonghild Sanelly Vuzacast

Her EP, Nudes was dropped on the 15th of September, and fans have been jumping on it. She appeared on Celebrity Mystery Box and she had some unconventional methods of cooking. Some ingredients also got special names from the extremely buoyant singer and she ended up winning. Nobody expected that win but she bagged it with pride and through hard work.

Self-declaring herself a nudist, Moonchild has mentioned it in the past that she would post her bum the shock ends. And she is keeping to this promise, a tweep however thought it’d be nice to troll the dancer.

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One thing is for sure, it didn’t end with laughter for the tweep as she clapped back twice as hard. Dragging his family into it, especially his mother Moonchild didn’t take lightly to being trolled. Her tweet was eventually deleted after it had fulfilled its purpose.

“Uthe ngkhiphe isfonyo, ngakhiph iPanty”

Meaning; “You told me to take off my phone, take off my panties.”

“Coz ur mama taking off her panties without ask(ing) and u pulled up! It’s y’all had a talk about why she never swallowed you up.”

Some people weren’t pleased with her clap back involving the tweeps family. One spoke up telling her that she would have insulted the tweep alone leaving out his family. Straightforward and precisely unapologetic she replied saying she is a mother and a sister.

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