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Mpoomy Ledwaba And Her Husband Becomes A Land Owner… Shares A Sneak Peek Of Their Backyard


Digital creator and Youtuber, Mpoomy Ledwaba and her husband, Brenden Praise reveal they have bought a new house and they are super excited.

Mpoomy recently celebrated her nail and beauty business relocation Aneno Beauty Bar Move to another location and see her business booming as it does today. The pair also recently tied a knot at a beautiful intimate traditional wedding that Mpoomy considers to be her dream wedding.

The Youtuber decided to show us a glimpse into their new apartment and shared a photo on her Instagram, giving a view of their big backyard and white picket fence which holds the keys to their brand new home.

Mpoomy quoted a bible verse from Isaiah 60:22 stating they have finally found their dream home.

Mpoomy captioned: “‘When the time is right I, the Lord will make it happen’Isaiah 60:22 🏡 @brenden_praise what a journey, we found our dream home. ❤️ now the fun begins, I can’t wait to renovate, decorate, design and play interior decorator and watch my Pinterest come alive 😭🤩 dreams!!”

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