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New Banger Loading!! Jub Jub Is Cooking Something New In The Studio… See His Latest Photos


Uyajola 9/9 boss, Jub Jub is hopping on something new in the studio and fans are anticipating.

Jub Jub, who drifted away from music for a long time but hasn’t completely left the entertainment industry, is slowly returning to the mic to give fans some flows.

 He seemed to be focused more on his TV show at one point, which hurt his music career. Jub’s most recent release was a remix of his song Ndikhokhele, which was released in late 2020.

 After a months-long hiatus, Jub is back in the studio. He teases the release of new songs by posting images of himself singing to the microphone in the studio.

He appeared to be focused at one point.

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