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No Longer Mrs Gigaba… Norma Reintroduces Herself With Her Maiden Name


Norma Gigaba has been through ups and downs in her marriage more then is necessary. It seems Prison was her deal breaker as she has now dropped the Gigaba surname.

Norma Mngoma – Vuzacast

Norma has changed her name on all her social media platforms from Norma Gigaba to Norma Mngoma which happens to be her maiden name.

Norma’s marriage and all the problem faced in it has been in the public eye since she allegedly vandalized a G wagon. The Gwagon was supposedly belonged to her cheating husband. Norma was arrested after that event and was accused of placing a hit on her husband, Malusi Gigaba.

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After Norma’s release, rumor had it thta Mausi had left Norma for good and their marriage was over. it was rumored that they would be filing for a divorce. Norma changing her name only proves it.

Norma Mngoma – Vuzacast

She posted a beautiful picture of herself, where she said ” Let me reintroduce this beautiful lady, who I’m crushing on her today WCW…❤️❤️❤️Her name is Norma Mngoma, I’m so excited to use my maiden surname again, this is who I am and where I belong 👑✊… my IG handle is @Norma.Mngoma and on Twitter @normzmngoma#New beginnings”

Her fans didnt abandon her and have shown their suport by leaving cute comments on her post. See a few comments below;