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Norma Mngona’s Dream Comes True… Director Of Zefera [Video]


Entrepreneur and fashionista, Norma Mngona shares with her followers that she is doing well for herself and is realizing one of her dreams.

Norma said her dream of owning a clothing manufacturing company has come to reality despite some challenges she faced along the way.

She mentioned that she went back to school to study fashion two years ago but had to eventually drop out.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote: “When life took a turn and knocked me down in the past few months, I discovered myself in my lowest moments. I took time to pause and dig deeper into what I want in life and where I want to go. I always have a dream to own a clothing manufacturing company; hence I decided to go back to school in 2019 to study fashion design so that I can fully understand the fashion industry. Life happened last year, and I had to drop out of school , 

“Today I’m here to introduce my dream that I am the Director of Zefara ( Zefara means creativity, charm, curiosity, cheer friendliness, and social life). So here we produce school uniforms, corporate uniforms, and masks.

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