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Our Favorites… Casual Amanda Du-Pont Outfits That Are A MUST-SEE


Amanda Du-Pont is one of Msanzi prettiest stars, always looking gorgeous and cute but comfy and casual. Check out our favorites.

Amanda Du-Pont – Vuzacast

Amanda Du-Pont can be crowned the queen of Casuals, as she always manages to make casual look extra stylish.

See Photo Below;

Amanda Du-Pont – Vuzacast

The model and actress is a fashion icon as she always looks so glamorous in the simplest of outfits. Amanda has wears jeans like no one else can and you can get a few tips from how she coordinates and mix up her jeans to get the most desirable look out of it.

Check out our favorite Amanda style jeans outfits below;

Amanda in Sweats is like the ultimate quarantine fashion goal. She manages to look stylish and comfy in lockdown and also manage the weather. The actress does this all in beautiful ranges of sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Check out our favorite Amanda Sweats look below;

Dresses are the ultimate summer vibe outfit, Amanda in dresses are a must see. The model looks chic and classy in dresses and also gives the best summer body goals vibe.

Check out our favorite looks of Amanda dresses below;

Amanda in Bikers shorts are absolutely the best and definitely our favorite look. Bikers short are an all season outfit, in the summer its cute and in every other season its cute. Amanda simply make bikers short look like a must wardrobe choice.

Check out our favorite of Amanda in Bikers shorts below;

There are other great Amanda Du-Pont look we couldn’t let slide, check them out below;