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Phala Phala FM Roasted for Snubbing Master KG’s ‘Keneilwe’


Master KG‘s latest hit, “Keneilwe,” featuring Nkosazana Daughter, has quickly amassed an impressive 6.6 million views on YouTube within just one month of its release.

 Phala Phala FM Roasted for Snubbing Master KG's 'Keneilwe'

However, Phala Phala FM, a radio station based in Limpopo, is facing criticism for overlooking this chart-topping track. Despite its widespread popularity and the massive views it garnered, the station featured only one of Master KG’s songs in its Top 20 list.

This decision has sparked dissatisfaction among fellow artists, including Mpho Mashabela, the chairperson of the Limpopo Artists Movement, who labeled the station’s choice as “pure nonsense” and accused Phala Phala FM of hindering progress.

Mashabela expressed disappointment in an interview with Sunday World, stating, “Phala Phala FM is not taking us forward but backward. We, as the Limpopo Artists Movement, are really disappointed.” “Keneilwe,” a tribute to the legendary artist Dan Tshanda, has become immensely popular, fueling TikTok challenges and dominating the airwaves.

Despite the success of “Keneilwe,” Phala Phala FM reportedly chose to include only one of Master KG’s tracks in its Top 20 list, leading to calls for a boycott of their Song of the Year competition. Mashabela criticized the station’s choices, emphasizing, “They [Phala Phala FM] should have supported the legendary Dan Tshanda.”

The station’s Top 20 list features various artists. They include Cyria the Comm, De Mthuda, King Monada, Karishma, DJ Cleo, Dlala Thukzin, Makhadzi, and Master KG. The Limpopo Artists Movement alleges that artists with multiple entries received preferential treatment.

Starting his music career experimenting with FL Studio, Master KG gained recognition with the single “Situation.” Signed to Open Mic Productions, he released chart-topping tracks like “Skeleton Move” before parting ways with the label. He continues to make waves with new releases like “Keneilwe” featuring Nkosazana Daughter.