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Rasta Is At It… Check Out His Chadwick Boseman Portrait And What People Are Saying


Rasta made a portrait to honor Chadwick Boseman but tweeps are trolling him for it once again condemning his work.

Rasta and his Portrait of Chadwick Boseman – Vuzacast

Chadwick Boseman’s death was a shock to everyone and both fans and celebrities are honoring him in their own way. Some people dedicated a day to post his pictures and all they love about him. Others made videos and many other things based on how they felt.

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South African artist (painter) made a portrait of Chadwick and tweeps aren’t as enthusiastic as expected. They are shading Rasta saying he is insulting legends. Some say the portrait looks nothing like Chadwick but Rasta is yet to reply.

See Rasta’s Tweet Below;

See Peoples Reaction Below;