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Rich Mnisi Will Be Making It To Milan Fashion Week


Scouted by Vogue, Rich Mnisi might be taking their design all the way to Milan for the fashion week and they are very proud.

Rich Mnisi – Vuzacast

South African brands are ready to leave their mark in the world’s fashion industry. How many brands can boast of doing so well within a short length of time? Well, Rich Mnisi can. Rich Mnisi was founded in 2014 and without holding back they stormed SA fashion world. 

With a name like that you can only imagine the quality, they bring to fashion. Even big and top celebrities in SA have their closets flooding with Rich Mnisi. And it seems they are upping their game to Milan.  

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Rich Mnisi announced that they might be taking their designs to Milan Fashion Week. It’s something to be very proud of as they announced this with pride that they have been scouted by Vogue. 

“We are proud to announce that we’ve been selected as 1 of 2 winners of the 2020 edition of Vogue Talent’s Digital Event under the Scouting for Africa initiative taking place at Milan Fashion Week @cameramoda Thank you to @vogue_italia for this amazing opportunity”

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