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Riky Rick SOLD OUT His Cotton Fest Merch In Hours After Launch!


So a few hours after, SA rapper, Riky Rick released his sweatshirt merch “Cotton Fest”, it all got sold out.

Man! No one can lie about how dope those sweatshirts were, the colour they came in we’re all dope and catchy and it is only right they got sold out.

Riky Rick who initially had launched the sweatshirts when he launched his festival in 2019 in an attempt to create awareness in the diversities in hip-hop, shared his disbelief when he woke up the next morning to see he was out of stock. 

Nasty C on Cotton Fest – vuzacast

While we are still awed by the quick sales many South African are patiently waiting for when the next match would be released. 

Riky Rick responding to a tweep who was in disbelief of everything being sold out, let know that there are a few sizes left.

Riky isn’t the only celebrity who has sold out within hours DJ Zinhle’s mask range also did the same..

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