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Shots Fired At Mr Handsome For Being Immature And Jealous


Mr handsome is the rave on twitter as he trolls celebrities on behalf of every angry fan out there now tables are turned.

Mr Handsome – Vuzacast

Mr handsome’s favorite celebrity to attack is Boity Thulo he is always ready to contradict and roast her. Boity launched her perfume brand today and everyone was offering their support and love.

Boity Perfume Collection – Vuzacast

Well, not everyone, Mr handsome was just sitting in a corner waiting for his chance. Anele Mdoda shared a picture of the perfume collection and congratulated and praised Boity.

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Talking about how nice is smells and Mr handsome took that as his chance. He quote tweeted Anele’s tweet and said;

“This perfume can also be used to kill roaches”

Twitter peeps have finally had it with him trolling the singer for no reason and one came to her defense saying;

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“Mr Handsome you are starting to sound so immature &stupid bro. I wonder why all this people are laughing for all this shit you saying.. If its jealousy or grudge you have towards Boity then it gonna kill you.. Sometimes you need to act like a man not for the sake of retweets, Marete ago”

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