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Sladki Slivki: Everything You Need To Know About The Adult Film Actress, Age, Career, Only Fans And Net Worth


Sladki Slivki: “Newcomers frequently stand out in the adult entertainment industry due to their special appeal and captivating acts.

Sladki Slivki

A recent addition to this world is Sladki Slivki, a novice adult film actress hailing from Ukraine. With her impressive talents and undeniable charm, she has swiftly risen as one of the most gifted newcomers in recent memory.”

Sladki Slivki Profile Summary

NameSladki Slivki
BiographyUkrainian amateur adult film performer born in 1998
CareerAdult film actress (Start date unknown)
FamilyLimited information in the public domain
Age25 years old (as of 2023)
Current ActivitiesActive in the adult film industry

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Sladki Slivki’s Biography

Sladki Slivki, a Ukrainian amateur adult film performer, was born in 1998.


Slivki works as an adult film actress, but we don’t have information about when she started her career.

Sladki Slivki’s OnlyFans

As of now, Slivki doesn’t have an OnlyFans account.

Net Worth

Regrettably, there are no accurate reports available regarding Slivki’s net worth.


There is limited information available about Slivki’s family in the public domain.

Sladki Slivki’s Age

Born in 1998, Slivki is currently 25 years old as of 2023.

Sladki Slivki Now

There is no available information about her current activities, except that she continues to be involved in the adult film industry.