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Somizi And Mohale’s Marriage On The Verge Of Breaking [Watch Videos]


Somizi and Mohale’s marriage isn’t going as smooth and lovely as it once was, the celebrity chef reveals that he has been flirting with others. 

Somizi – Vuzacast

Speculations have been going about that Somizi and his hubby Mohale Motaung hasn’t been all that lovey-dovey with each other. But this time around it’s the real deal, cough cough, this marriage ship isn’t sailing smoothly, cough. 

On several occasions, Somizi has emphasized on the fact that phones and social media are the top reason for broken relationships. His marriage just hopped on that vehicle as phones have created a bridge between him and his husband.  

Watch Video Below;

In a video, we found the media personality gave the full gist in all its juicy details on how his marriage isn’t rock steady right now. He revealed that he had a conversation with Mohale about how he is obsessive with his phone and found out that he does the same. According to Somizi, Mohale’s extreme use of phone resulted in him feeling neglected and turning to his phone. 

Somizi bitterly complains that they no longer share any type of conversation and even the occasional ‘ how was your day’ is now a thing of the past. The feeling of neglect drove him to flirt with other people since he couldn’t get attention from his husband. And the huge factor is that he felt comfortable with it. 

In all that tragic and slow demise of their love life, Somizi is still positive about the problem being solvable. This however does not stop us from wondering if their marriage would survive this or if it would end with a divorce. 

Watch Video Below;