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Speedsta Takes Down His Tweets But Nasty C’s Fans Are Hot On His Heels


After Starting the back and forth shade on Twitter, Speedsta deletes his tweets but Nasty C‘s fans aren’t done with him.

Speedsta – Vuzacast

Nasty C is a South African rapper that is recognized globally. His album ZMWSP went global within minutes after it was released. Speedsta is a south African DJ and TV personality. He is the owner of the hit single ‘mayo’.

Nasty C and Speedsta have had a very weird relationship and the rapper cleared it up in an interview. In the video he called out Nasty C for being jealous and the DJ found the video and replied. And in tweets he shaded Nasty C and his album ZMWSP.

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In a deleted tweet Speedsta said;

Apologies & thank you to all my industry friends who have called me. I’m really sorry but f**k this kid!!! Keep my name out your mouth in your interviews!!! Your album is sh*t by the way!!! Way too over hyped @Nasty_CSA.”

A fan tried to call him off telling him to leave Nasty C and not ring his name down, he replied saying;

“I know. Nasty is one of those kids!! Met the guy in dirty sneakers walking, begging me & Sketchy to work!! couple years later he thinks his God. I’m sorry but I’m gonna stay on his neck!!! He’s a small boy, Keep my Fu**en name out your mouth in your interviews! I’m not playing!”

Nasty C replied to his tweet and shaded him with just as much fire saying;

“Imagine having Speed in your name and not in your career. Could never be me”

After all this Speedsta deleted his tweets and made a new on informing people that he had taken his tweets down. He said he had to take it down due to a deal he had. However Nasty C’s fans aren’t buying this, they are saying he couldn’t handle he heat and that’s why he took them down.

See Tweets Below;

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