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Tambo Memorial Hospital Remorseful Over Baby Swap Discovered By The Newborn’s Mother


On the 24th of July two babies that were delivered at the Tambo Memorial Hospital were swapped, as the staff didn’t follow the right registration process.

A baby boy and baby girl born on the same day,24th July 2020 were accidentally swapped at Tambo Memorial Hospital and it was discovered at 9pm later that day when the mother of one of the children tried to change her babies diapers and realized she was with a boy when she had originally given birth to a girl.

The mistake was corrected immediately but one of the fathers requested for a DNA test and now both babies are registered at the same hospital awaiting the DNA test.

The hospital apologized for their mistake immensely and promised that staff would be disciplined, both mothers were interviewed and received counselling afterwards.

Tambo Memorial Hospital – Vuzacast

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