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Timeless love starlife update Monday 29 January 2024


Timeless love starlife update Monday 29 January 2024: Priya informs the family that she has planned Vidhi’s grah pravesh. She intends to ward off any negativity by performing aarti and asks everyone to leave hand impressions on a poster for a collage. Amba harbors ill intentions, vowing to cause irreparable harm to the Raichands. She plans to snatch Abhimanyu from Dev, leaving him handicapped.

Timeless love starlife update Monday 29 January 2024

As the family has a meal, Vidhi and Dev enter the room to find it decorated. Priya shares her desire to build a bond with Simmy, expressing her willingness to care for Vidhi’s future child. The family enjoys dessert together.

In their room, Vidhi and Dev decide to change the bedsheets, wanting to erase Amba’s memories. They come across a card from Priya, offering good wishes for their new life. They set up their bed, marking a new beginning.

Meanwhile, Abhi, Priya, and Simmy gather to watch a film. The next morning, Dev gets ready for school, and Satyavati credits Vidhi and Priya for their happiness. However, a shocking news report surfaces, claiming Abhi is impotent. Amba and Yogesh revel in their scheme’s success, while the Raichands, Priya, and Abhi are left in shock. Simmy defends Abhi, but he locks himself in his room, contemplating drastic actions. Vidhi desperately tries to reach him.




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