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Tweeps Have Forgotten All About Black Is Beautiful And Proceed To Shade A Black Girl


A young black girl posted a picture of her pretty self and tweets have strolled in ready and armed with words to blast her. 

Anyang Deng posted a picture of herself to appreciate her beauty and only a selected few can see the beauty. The young beautiful black girl has skin as dark as coal and pretty like diamonds and she loves it. 

See Photo Below ;

Despite Anyang being positive about herself and her skin color, tweeps don’t see it that way and immediately start to roast her. Some are extremely harsh about it while others are just being indirect. 

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A tiny selection of cuties on twitter still think she’s beautiful in her skin color and all. Trying to call off the others on trolling the gorgeous black beauty. But really haven’t they heard of ‘Black is Beautiful’ or what? It’s a confusing twar. 

See Tweets Below;

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1 Comment

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