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Vusi Buthelezi’s Family Set To Sue Zodwa Wabuntu For Attacking Mbali Buthelezi [Video]


In the heat of the moment Zodwa Wabuntu went to Vusi Buthelezi‘s house to search for him and found his sister, Mbali Buthelezi instead whom she attacked.

Zodwa Wabuntu and Vusi Buthelezi – vuzacast

Zodwa Wabuntu went ahead to grab Mbali Buthelezi when she found her at Vusi Buthelezi‘s place.

A day earlier Mbali Buthelezi made a video with her brother Vusi Buthelezi which she posted. She was surprised when Zodwa Wabuntu attacked her because she was the lady in the video with Vusi Buthelezi whom the police is still searching for.

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Zodwa Wabuntu has refused to let go and allow the police to do their job as she is on a manhunt to find Vusi Buthelezi. She also encouraged her fans to join in on the search. Now it seem the Buthelezi family are considering suing the dancer for assaulting and man handling Mbali Buthelezi.

Mbali Buthelezi made a public speech were she said: “I made a video with Vusi on Monday and posted it on Facebook. I meant no harm by it, but on Tuesday I was attacked by Zodwa.

She was with the police and her gang, I was outside and Zodwa jumped out of her Kombi. She called me a bitch and started shoving me around. The police reprimanded her”

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Zandile Buthelezi, another sister of Vusi Buthelezi has notified the public that they are thinking of what legal step to take towards Zodwa Wabuntu. Vusi’s mom said this is not the end of it and Zodwa Wabuntu should be prepared for what is to come.

Vusi Buthelezi has come out to say he can’t give his input on the case because his legal team advised him to remain silent.