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Young Man, Father Of One Shot 18 Times In Drive-By Shooting


Innocent father and husband, Baaqir Joshua shot 18 times to his death in Bontehuewel on Monday night.

The wife,Firdouwz shared that she feels he had a premonition as he insisted that he missed their 9 month old son, Ubaid who was taken to his grandmother’s the day before, and that he had a urge to hold him in his arms but she had brushed it off as ridiculous.

The wife of the deceased shares that he died after sharing an intimate dinner with family.

She explained that “I was in bed and he had just made food for us,” the young widow told Daily Voice.

“He kept telling me he is missing his son and wanted to hold him for a few minutes and I told him he was being ridiculous because Ubaid just went the night before to my mommy in Mitchells Plain, and for them to come all the way to Bonteheuwel (for a hug was silly).

“He said OK and went to the shop.”

She says within minutes, she heard gunshots ring out.

“I don’t know why, but I just felt it was him,” says Firdouwz, crying.

The young father aged 24,was walking alongside his nephew to the shop when gunmen pulled up and delivered 18 bullets into into body and he died while I’m with arms of his wife.

According to witnesses it was too dark to see what type of car and how many people where in it befire they sped off.

His wife also added that her husband was a honest man that had honest means and a good man also. She also claimed she didn’t want revenge but she wanated to asked the hit men why they took the father of her child away.

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