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Zodwa Mocks Vusi For Tyring To FAKE IT Instead Of MAKING IT


After Audi revealed that Vusi Buthelezi never bought the Audi R8, Zodwa Wabuntu seem to be having a field day.

Vusi Buthelezi and Zodwa wabuntu – vuzacast

Zodwa took to her Instagram to repost an article explaining how Vusi ad the sales team from Audi stage the entire car sales.

Vusi insisted that it was solely for marketing and he was helping Audi sell the Audi R8 that they couldn’t sell.

Apparently after finally selling the car, Audi has asked Vusi to delete all the photos but he hasn’t.

Zodwa says Vusi is doing all this for the publicity and because of social media pressure. She laughs at it all saying Vusi is fake. She finds it extremely hilarious as she uses various laughing emojis to express herself.

She Posted this saying; “Fraudster不不不不不不不 Acting to Having Money不不不 Thank you @audi_centre_durban We going Forward I will Always be your Friend of Business. He doesnt want to Delete Pictures of the Car,Vusi Fraudster. Pressure of Media,will make you Fake it不 SO MUCH ACTING FOR UKUNYISA U Zodwa Wabantu丹撾儭賤儭”