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40 Year Old Man Allegedly Stabbed And Killed By Group Of Teenagers


Furqan chaudhary known as Frank by neighbors and friends, was allegedly murdered by 8 teenagers after they tried to rob him.

Frank worked as a repair man at phone repair store, the owner of he phone store explained that they were working like any other  day when some teenagers came in and was trying to take the phone Frank was working on, he further explained that they managed to handle the situation and called the police while they locked up the store to wait outside.

He went further to say;

“While we were waiting outside for the police to arrive, more youths arrived and attacked us. Frank ran away and tried to hide, but they got him. They got me also, but not as badly as Frank.”

Frank was stabbed on his right arm and back. He was rushed to a local hospital but he didn’t make it

Frankwas looking for help when he was attacked and no one helped him. They stood by, watching. If someone did something, he could have been alive. People think I am fine, but I am not.”

The teenagers who are allegedly involved were arrested and denied bail when they applied. Due to their varying age,the four older boys who are up to eighteen are being held in custody while the younger boys will be detained at a facility in Cape Town.


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