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Shooting Disrupts Morning Shoppers As They Hid For Safety Of Their Lives


The early morning shoppers at the Centurion Mall, Pretoria had no other option than to quit shopping and run for the safety of their lives as they were disrupted by a group of armed robbers.

Centurion Mall – vuzacast

During this shopping session it was reported that

“a noise was heard as that of a scoff holding when somebody ran into the mall to tell the shoppers that there was a robbery going on outside the jewelry store opposite the centurion mall so we all went and hid in the changing room while the store went to close the main entrance”.

Later in the day, Police spokesperson Capt David Miller said

“Four suspects entered one of the jewellery stores and attempted to rob the store and the shoppers of their belongings and one of the civilians in the store was able to defend the lives of three others by using his firearm one of the robbers was seriously wounded when he and three others stormed a shop…while the wounded suspect was transported to hospital under police guard, the other three robbers fled.”

Listen to a live recording from one of the Shoppers who was also had to flee to save his life.

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1 Comment

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