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A Fan Roasted For Her Manner Of Telling Kelly Khumalo That She Has A Bad Accent [Video]


South African vocalist, Kelly Khumalo speaks her mind on Gender Based Violence but one avid viewer says her English accent is wack and she got attacked for it

This Empini crooner recently uploaded a video of her on Instagram telling people that they shouldn’t tolerate abusive relationships. Essentially she was saying this because a lot of women stay in abusive relationships because they still want the man. So instead of coming out when they had enough, they should tell people while still in the relationship and seek help. If all odds fail then leave.

One of the comments from the fans was like “You’re trying to pass good information to the society but your accent… Eish”. Seems like Kelly got irritated, she replied kinda harshly, she said, 

“my sweet it’s very simple unfollow me and drink water”. This reply simply meant that if this fan doesn’t like her English accent they must just unfollow her.

Watch the video below

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