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AKA Offers Financial Support To A Student Who Reached Out To Him On Twitter


Rapper AKA responds to student who asked him for help for transportation and stationary after asking his team to confirm the legitimacy of the students request.

AKA– vuzacast

32 year old rapper and father to 5 year old Kairo Forbes proves his kindness once again when he offered to financially help a student who was in need of materials for his education. AKA promised to keep in touch with the student via Dm.

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The student said “with all my humbleness and all my respect, I need help (with) stationary and money for transport registering is free”

And AKA replied saying “Ok @TrevorSidogi … we will be in touch. Wait for a dm nyana tomorrow and we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

AKA – vuzacast

The student, Trevor requested humbly asked for support from AKA on the 4th of August and AKA replied immediately offering his help.

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