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Young Shall Grow… AKA Opens Up On Seasoning His Daughter On How To Handle Fame


SA rapper, AKA acknowledging his daughter would be subjected to what he’s going through as a famous person opens up about how he is preparing her for what to expect.

It is no common news that AKA gets it hot on the internet everyday other day, the father is scared his little girl, Kairo who is also a child celebrity would get such treatment too and he is taking

 preventive measures by teaching his little girl how to handle a famous person. 

Chatting on Kaya FM with Sizwe Dhlomo, the papa bear said “My daughter has about one million followers on Instagram right now. People are going to do the exact same thing they did to me to my daughter. I hope people know that. My daughter will grow up knowing these people are not your friends. It’s a transaction. You give them something and they give you something”.

Stil in the issue on family AKA aged light on his reluctance to make big and life altering changes so that nothing would charge the relationship between him , his little girl and mother. 

We are wondering what that would mean aren’t you?!