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BURN!!! Sizwe Dhlomo Lambastes AKA On Twitter… Sip Full Tea Inside!


Radio personality, Sizwe Dhlomo savages Rapper AKA in the most brutal way after AKA replied to a tweet Sizwe made concerning the banning of alcohol.

We all know About AKA thirst for being in the news all the time, well he has succeeded again and this time again has gotten burnt.

Earlier Sizwe aired his concerns in a tweet about the ban of Alcohol in the country due to the alarming rate South African men abuse.

And since AKA is in the alcohol business he deemed it right to reply to the tweet by saying  “Chief … it’s bad as is without being able to do any shows. I also have a family to feed ya undastand.”

Sizwe standing firm on his belief and word replied to his “Sell watermelon juice B.”

We all know this is the start of trouble and disses on twitter and tweep are expecting and waiting not nearly patiently for jabs that would ensue.

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