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Carmen Jane Plant: Remarkable Belly Dancer… Robert Plant’s Daughter


Meet Carmen Jane Plant: The daughter of renowned singer and songwriter Robert Plant, she’s making her mark in the entertainment world as an influential belly dancer and dance instructor.

Growing up in the spotlight has its ups and downs, especially when your parent is a celebrity. Carmen’s father’s fame shaped her path, common among kids with famous parents who often follow in their footsteps.

Carmen Jane Plant Details

Full name Carmen Jane Plant
Year of birth 1968
Age55 years old
Nationality United Kingdom
FatherRobert Plant
Father’s Networth $200 million

Carmen Jane Plant’s Biography

Carmen was born on November 21, 1968, in Birmingham, England. With Robert Plant as her father and Maureen Plant as her mother, Carmen spent her early years at Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School in Sturbridge, West Midlands, U.K.

Growing up, she was mainly with her mother and siblings. Her father, a globetrotting singer, was often away touring. At the age of 7, Carmen was in a car accident with her parents, sustaining injuries like them.

Carmen’s Path in the career

Following in her father’s footsteps, Carmen found her own spotlight in the entertainment world. Serena Ramzy mentored her dance skills. Despite keeping a low profile, she caught attention with “The Serpent Slayer,” a captivating show at Exeter Corn Exchange in 2018.

The performance blended live music with various acts—belly dancing, Middle Eastern flair, African trance, and even martial arts. Carmen continued to shine at events like the Glastonbury Festival, Rivermead Womad Music Festival, and Babylon Arabic Ensemble. Presently, she professionally teaches belly dancing and ballet.

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Carmen’s Net Worth and Family Ties

Carmen’s net worth isn’t public, but with Robert Plant’s wealth, estimated at $200 million, some of his success is likely to benefit her.

Carmen is part of a complex family. Her parents, Robert and Maureen, married in 1986 and had three children. Tragedy struck when her younger brother Karac Pendragon passed away at five due to illness. Robert’s song “All My Love” was a tribute to Karac.

Carmen’s brother Logan followed his father’s musical journey, leading the bands Black Country Bandits and Sons of Albion.

Carmen’s own family began when she wed Charles Jones on May 18, 1991. Charles, a bass player for Robert Plant, and Carmen have three children. Despite the passage of time, the couple remains together.

Carmen’s Online Presence

As of 2023, Carmen doesn’t use verified social media accounts. Her children also maintain a private online presence.



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