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Uncovering the Significance and Origins of the Obama Medal Meme: Delving into its Profound Meaning


The Obama Medal meme is known as the funniest among all Obama memes, but it carries a deeper meaning. This meme is a photoshopped image that shows Obama wearing a medal, and there are two versions of it.

Uncovering the Significance and Origins of the Obama Medal Meme: Delving into its Profound Meaning
Obama Meme – vuzacast

Originally, the meme was a picture of former President Barack Obama giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bruce Springsteen. However, someone later edited the image using Photoshop, replacing Obama’s face with Bruce Springsteen’s.

What Does the Obama Medal Meme Mean?

This meme visually represents how people can be quite self-centered at times. It’s like someone giving themselves a pat on the back without needing approval from others. In Obama’s case, this meme shows him literally congratulating himself for his achievements as the President of the United States.

There are two versions of the meme – one where Obama is shedding tears and another where he’s smiling. Some people see it in a positive light, as a way to encourage and support oneself, while others use it to criticize Barack Obama.

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Where Did the Obama Medal Meme Come From?

The well-known medal meme is a changed version of an official photo taken on November 12, 2015, at the White House. In the original picture, Barack Obama is seen giving a medal to Bruce Springsteen.

We don’t know who edited the photo to turn it into a meme.

How Does Obama React to His Memes?

Barack Obama is known for his cool and composed demeanor. He has never publicly commented on memes featuring himself, whether they are positive or negative. Instead, he lets people have fun with them.

Considering how the internet loves memes, it’s safe to say that these Obama Medal memes are going to stick around.

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