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Clicks Issue An Apology For Racist Post But It’s A Bit Late… See What People are Saying


After being called out for racism Clicks have taken down their post and released an apology but they aren’t about to be forgiven.

Clicks – Vuzacast

Clicks is a group of healthcare, beauty, music and lifestyle products retail chains and brands based in South Africa. The company was founded in Cape Town by Jack Goldin in 1968. Now it operates over 670 retail outlets in southern Africa.

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Early this morning they made a post that South Africans isn’t too happy with. Calling the beautiful Afro that is the pride of blacks dry, frizzy and damaged.

People have taken to twitter to call them out or their racism. They also stay proud with their Afro and believe it to be beautiful. Clicks apologized and taken down the post but tweeps think it’s too late. The damage has been done and they feel it is just a fake apology.

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