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DJ Zinhle Says No to Online Trolls Targeting Her Marriage.



Respected SA artist, DJ Zinhle, is hitting back at those who continually target her marriage with Murdah Bongz (Bongani Mohosana). Recent days have seen her making waves, particularly due to her time spent with Usher in Las Vegas.

DJ Zinhle

Social media has been buzzing with videos and images of DJ Zinhle at an event in Las Vegas, where she was seen bonding with American R&B sensation Usher. However, some individuals with negative intentions twisted the narrative, aiming to tarnish both her image and her marriage.

Rather than succumbing to the trolls, DJ Zinhle chose to rise above the negativity. While she didn’t directly respond to all the criticism. She firmly stated that the person in the video was not her, emphasizing the need for trolls to focus on something else.

Furthermore, DJ Zinhle took control of the situation by sharing heartfelt photos of herself with Murdah. These images, accompanied by captions expressing that she misses her man, reminded the people of the affection between them.

DJ Zinhle’s recent experience in the spotlight highlights the ongoing challenge of dealing with online trolls and malicious rumors. By graciously addressing the situation, she was able to set a standard for trolls, telling them to find purpose.