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DJs Zinhle and Shimza Condemn X ‘Toxicity’


Over time, X, formerly known as Twitter has proven to be a toxic space. In fact, being in the black book of tweeps is definitely something an individual wouldn’t wish for.

DJs Zinhle and Shimza Condemn X ‘Toxicity’

On X, anyone can be dragged and the celebrities are not left out. In light of this, several public figures have spoken up about the bullying and toxicity that goes on on the app.

Renowned DJ Shimza also condemned the platform lately

“Instagram — go for it, you can do it. Facebook — please ensure your comments are brief and spellings are correct so we from the comment readers association can read quickly and move to the next comment. Thank you, wetsa mas**a mfan, in my country we call you Shimzaromovich.  Twitter — Yo I hate this guy so much, he irritates me. I wish he could die, wenzani vele? Let’s be honest, he’s overrated. Entlek he must fall les dudla,” he wrote. 

The comments section of the post was filled with replies from people who can relate to his ordeal.

“Twitter is full of people with serious personal issues and they lash them out to strangers they don’t even know on the TL,” tweeted one. 

“Twitter is full of angry people,” wrote another.

DJ Zinhle on Narratives on X

DJ Zinhle, has also been on the receiving end of the scrutiny on the X timeline. Recently, she shared how people who don’t know so much have a lot to say about situations.

“It’s insane how far people go in this platform without knowing the facts. Most of the things that bother people on this platform are not even true. But then everyone is so righteous out here, blindly so,” she wrote. 

This came after a video of her and her daughter Kairo went viral. Apparently, the businesswoman was bashed for recording crying Kairo.

“My baby. The people who wrote this article used a random video I had posted. What I said and this video was never linked until this article. I wasn’t comforting Kairo in this video. We were playing around at Vida. Stop doing too much.”She cleared the air.