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Tha Simelane Accuses Babes Wodumo Of Snorting Cocaine On IG Live Interview


Earlier today, in an interview hosted by reality personality KwaMamkhize and had Artist, Babes Wodumo and reality star, Tha Simelane as guest didn’t end up exactly exciting for Wololo hitmaker, Babes Wodumo as she was left in a pretty emotional State.

In the interview, Babes Wondumo gave clear insight on her feeling for her boyfriend, Mampintsha despite the fact that she was physically abused by him in the past. She also made it clear that they had gotten well past over that situation and their relationship is sailing calm waters now.

The interview took an emotional curve when Simelane asked the artist how she was coping with the Coronavirus lockdown situation and the actress explained to us how her saved of money was what had kept her going during the hardships.
Into esizamayo ngama-savings (what is helping are savings) and without savings we wouldn’t be living,” said Babes Wodumo.

She also stated to Simelame and viewers that she was not in a sober state at the time and was try trying her best not to say anything that would cause her regret later on. She further went on to tell the Simelane that her personal account was hacked hence, the reason why she was using Mampintsha’s Instagram account.

The Musician later delved deeper into her personal life as she stated that she always had a constant need to fend of critics and they tend to judge her actions when they didn’t really know what and who she really was on a personal level. In her words

“I have a lot of things that I am facing. I had to start afresh and build a home for my parents. But people judge you without knowing your situation,” said Wodumo.

The real swerve took place when Simelane boldly said “Babes Wodumo won’t change” as he further went on to claim she snorted cocaine while he and other people where present.