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Fans Blast Boity For Saying The Bible Doesn’t Support Female Voices


After making the statement today that the Bible doesn’t represent female voices and is biased in favor of men, Boity Thulo foes and fans have gone crazy, saying she should respect people’s religions and beliefs.

Boity Thulo

She mentions that the Bible didn’t fill up the void in her heart after studying it thoroughly.

“Lack of female voices and representation especially in the Bible. Also, the journey didn’t fill up the void in my soul the way I was brought up to believe it would,”

“You telling me that book was a record of years of people’s Holy encounters and they barely got 10 nyana WOMEN to talk about their moments with Jesus? Gurl, bye,”

Despite being a traditional healer Boity still attends church but with her latest post fans it is obvious her view on Christianity has altered and religious fans are offended and they came for her.

A very angry foe-fan called her out saying:

 “itumelo don’t perish because of lack of knowledge and burn in eternal fire 🔥 educate yourself self. 

When you die it will be you, Jesus and God. you’ll have to answer your sins. Accept Jesus and have eternal Life. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Your narrow feminism won’t save u”

And she responded saying “

Look man, I’ve gone through the religious journey. Went to church. I read the book. Found little to no form of representation in there. Not race, barely gender, not a name, not much. I was left with more questions than connection. And then I found my way👏🏾. Each to their own. ❤️”

See tweets below;

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