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Multi Talented Or What… Cici’s Afro Turn Heads In New Photos


Just when we think we’ve seen it all and the pictures can’t get better, Cici strikes again looking as beautiful as ever in a recent post with Afro pigtails that everyone can’t stop talking about.


The recent mom has been turning heads on social media with one jaw dropping photo after the other and we are all wondering how she manages to look so great only a few months after she had her gorgeous baby.

Today the singer looked exceptionally beautiful in a cute fruit print dress with a yellow turtleneck but what caught the eye of everyone was how her hair was looking perfect. Comment after comment were made on the post asking about who styled her hair and how beautiful it was.

So she took the liberty to make another post with the caption: “pompom 🍋

Hairdo: me”

Let’s take a minute to take that in, turns out Cici has more talents than we know and she is a great hairstylist.

What other great hidden talents does Cici have??

In Other News…