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Felix Hlophe Draws A Picture Of The Pandemic In Heartfelt Letter To His Unborn Daughter


Igagasi FM presenter Felix Hlophe has penned an emotional note to tell his unborn daughter, Liza, about the coronavirus.

Felix penned a long note in which he described a picture of what the world looks like.

He wrote;

“We are all eagerly waiting for your arrival. September seems so far away. Your mother is trying so hard but this pregnancy is really tough on her. But she’s doing everything she can to ensure you’re safe and healthy. It’s really bad out here and we are facing a global pandemic. There’s a virus called corona that is making it difficult for everyone and makes us fearful of the world you’re coming into,” he wrote.

“Having you is one of the most exciting things to happen to us. You have a brother, his name is Amile Anotha. He is a godsend and we hope you will turn out just like him also, bubbly and with a big personality. You’re God’s fulfillment to all the promises he makes to us every day and that’s why we named you Liza, short for Lizalise idinga lakho Nkosi.

“Hang on tight for two more months and then you can join us. We promise you a warm and loving home where all your dreams can become a reality. We will continue to work hard so that you will want for nothing and also live to your true and fullest potential. We hope we also live up to all your expectations. Love Mom and Dad. Oh and your brother Amile.”

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