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From “Why Me” To “Why Not Me” – Cassper Talks About The Transformation In His Life [Video]


Like every other person, Cassper Nyovest has had his fare share of life’s ups and downs but coming out victorious is what has placed him on the spotlight and now he decides to encourage and give hope to his fans.

Cassper Nyovest – Vuzacast

In a 2 minutes video shared on all of his social media platform, the rapper spoke about how he had struggled and how he wanted more in life but didn’t get all this because of how hard he was on himself.

But all this changed the minute he changed he mindset towards himself through his question of “Why me” to “Why not me.”

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To touch fans with the story of his life, and how he achieved success, Mufasa said he worked hard in the studio, and at some point when things were not blooming, he started to demand for his blessings.

The rapper claims he deserve the cars, house and many other blessings he has today.

“Coming up I used to struggle with a lot of things, one of the things was self-doubt. I used to be hard on myself. I used to ask myself why me. Everything changed for me when I changed the question from Why Me to Why Not Me.”

“I have always felt pain, why can’t I feel joy… I started demanding my blessing, because I felt like I deserved it. I have already sowed, so why can’t I reap? I started telling myself that I was special and different from everyone, and my life changed.”

“Do away with self-doubt,” he added.

Watch full video below:
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