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GBV… Woman Shot In A Police Station While Reporting GBV Case


A woman who went to the police station in Madeira Police Station to report violence case was shot by her husband.

Police Line – Vuzacast

The 28 year old woman who is unknown was killed inside a police station by her husband. She went to report a case of domestic violence and it turned out to be the last thing she did.

In the process of filing he case she was shot by the same husband she was reporting for domestic violence. It is very sad that this all took place inside a police station that is deemed safe. SA citizens are scared that there is no safety for women anywhere in the country.

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Most importantly people re asking what the supposed police officers were doing when she was shot and killed. They are wondering why they were incapable of protecting a woman that was seeking their help. And people are wondering if the shooter would be brought to justice.

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