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“I Am SA Hip Hop” AKA Declares When Asked Certain Questions [Full Story]


SA artist, AKA declares himself to be the embodiment of ‘SA Hip Hop’ when asked about other SA artists and their music.

AKA – Vuzacast

The rapper is one of the most influential artist in Mzansi but the embodiment of it? Lets find out how true this is as he claims he doesn’t listen to other SA artist. A little back story to help you understand if you are lost.

It all began when a tweep asked the 32 year old artist was asked if he listened to ZMWSP. Turns out he hasn’t listened to it because he doesn’t want to be influenced by it.

ZMWSP Cover – Vuzacast

A tweep saw this and asked if he also hadn’t listened to FITW by MashBeatz. Even worse the rapper doesn’t even know who MashBeatz is. Without being offended a fan enlightened him on who MashBeatz is. His response was that he new he heard that name before. At least he got the Reece part right, just a little consolation though.

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Still fans remain unoffended and politely recommended he listen to FITW. Saying it was one of the best albums out of SA and AKA asked if it was MashBeatz’ last album.

MashBeatz – Vuzacast

Slightly offended by the artist’s ignorance another fan spoke up. Pointing out that real music and artist are being slept on. Either the artist got tired of all the pressure or maybe not but he went all out. Saying;

“My bad. I don’t really listen to SA Hip Hop because I am SA Hip Hop.”

This was the last straw for fans of other artist as they hounded him immediately. Now you are all caught up, see tweets below;

See peoples reaction to his tweet about being SA hip hop below;