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Lasizwe Gets Bullied For Posting Pictures From His Father’s Funeral


Media personality Lasizwe posted pictures of how distraught his father’s funeral left him and got bullied on Twitter. 

Lasizwe lost his dad like a week earlier and the bubbly and energetic star has been left depressed and sad. He took to his social media to share pictures of his dad and spoke about how he can’t get used to the fact that his dad is no more. Fans sympathized with him and shared encouraging words to keep him going. 

Just before his dad died he mentioned that he would be taking a break off social media because he no longer felt like himself. The youtuber said he had been bitten by the fame bug and he needed time to get back to his true self. 

Tragedy struck and although he didn’t completely go off social media, he did reduce his activities. You can say he knew he’d be under a microscope because immediately he made a post about the funeral tweeps were on him. They were so quick to jump on and cyberbully the mourning celebrity, some tweeps say he shouldn’t have posted the pictures he did.

While others are showing their support and standing by Lasizwe saying everyone is permitted to mourn however they want. Others are picking up faults form every one of the four pictures he posted.  

The YouTuber didn’t stay quiet as he replied to them all saying they shouldn’t forget that he can mourn however he wants to, and if he decides it’s on social media then that’s it. 

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