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Mrs Mo PLEDGED To Stand By Her Husband Through It All… Until A Judge Says Otherwise


Mrs mome refuses to leave her husband, Toll Ass Mo despite all the jabs and bullying she receives by his side. At least not until he is proven guilty.

Toll ass mo and Mome have been receiving triple the amounts of jabs from people following their interview with Bet. It is an online war right now on twitter.

Tweeps are bullying Mrs mome for standing by her husband, an alleged rapist. And not her fellow woman, Lerato Moloi who accused Mo of rape.

Lerato Moloi – Vuzacast

The loyal wife too to her Instagram account to tell her perspective of it all. Saying she would support her husband till the end. She said she is ready to take all the jabs and bullying but she wouldn’t leave her husband until he is proven guilty by the court.

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After making the posts, she received backlash in the comment section telling her it was wrong of her to make the post. She maturely said she’d post whatever she saw fit. Another tweep asked her what she’d do if her husband is proven guilty and she said she’d definitely leave.

“A happy Sunday fellow South Africans .kindly pass this to the kangaroo court ….

I remember saying this in July ,we will not participate in kangaroo court but the real Court as these Allegations are not to be taken lightly and as a woman myself I’m disturbed and I have taken jabs from the kangaroo court as they Are the investigators…

moving swiftly along I’m not sure why I’m being bullied cause yes I will support my husband until he is proven guilty not by Twitter.

In simple form I’m a woman too and I’m in this situation too and I will remain in his support , I will not be crucified to make decisions on something that’s in court , I will remain with my vowed till feather notice . I will not block comments and I will take all the jabs thrown at me . We are that society ! That’s basically what I was saying! Keep the comments and hashtag coming … 🙏🏾

Thank u for those who have had a mature eye with this … our children are home schooling and well taken care of at home as being in public is currently dangerous for us and especially @keithrsa , my family and my father in-laws family and our close friends have been with us 🙏🏾❤️”

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