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Toll A$$ Mo and TT Mbha Sort Out Their Differences


Businessman and real estate agent, Thato “TT” Mbha, is gearing up to host his annual Amatyma International Men’s Day. His focus is on addressing men’s mental wellness and financial issues. As well as recognizing and appreciating the roles men play in society.

Toll A$$ Mo and TT Mbha Sort Out Their Differences

Leading up to the event, TT Mbha and comedian turned-prophet, “Toll A$$ Mo”, have reconciled after a fallout related to the event.

Toll A$$ Mo faced rape allegations from model Lerato Moloi in 2014. In August 2022, he was found not guilty. According to Toll A$$ Mo, he reached out to Mbha for support during this difficult period. However, TT did not respond, causing a strain in their relationship. Nonetheless, the two have now resolved their differences.

TT describes their reunion as a “true story of forgiveness”. Despite the false accusations made against him by Toll on a public platform. TT explains that he tried reaching out to Toll A$$ Mo multiple times to understand where he went wrong, but received no response. Recently, TT contacted Toll A$$ Mo again, and this time, they agreed to meet as brothers, reconcile, and move forward.

Not only did TT forgive Mo, but also extended an invitation for him to be a special guest at the upcoming Amatyma International Men’s Day Wellness Experience on Sunday, November 19, at Disoufeng. He acknowledges Toll A Mo’s apology and admission of needing physical, mental, and financial support to rebuild his life. TT urges people to pray for Toll A$$ Mo and extend a helping hand to assist him in his journey toward healing and becoming a better man, husband, and father.

The entrepreneur empathizes with Toll A$$ Mo’s struggles and encourages genuine forgiveness to break the chains of judgment. Earlier this year, Mongezi announced his divorce from his wife, Mome Nale, after 11 years of marriage.