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Omg!!! This Quick Tour of Somhale’s Home Would Leave You Dazed For Days


Celebrity Couple, Somizi and Mohale leaves us stunned for days as they give us a tour of their beautiful home. It is so obvious that the couple didn’t hold back when it came to furnishing the house as it looks like something out of a story book.

The house is so massive you’ll think a nation loves in it. It isn’t news that Somizi is a food lover as he is very outspoken about the fact that he loves and enjoy good food. One can only expect his Kitchen to be very spacious and well equipped as he recently shared his very pricey SMEG collection, and the kitchen didn’t fall short of our expectations.

See Below;

The very stunning house has a a great view in a their intimate a cozy balcony one can imagine curly up and reading there till the sun set. It also has a very spacious living room and has a couple lounge that looks like a the VIP section of a high class restaurant.

See Below;

It is very evident that since everyone works form home now the celebrity couple has really invested in their offices and it is the most classy celebrity office I’ve seen so far. The couples office has an overview of their their very quaint and luxurious pool.see below;

One can only expect class from this two that’s what they are about !.