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Lasizwe Finally Show Off His Boyfriend… But Give No Room For Negativity!


Comedian and Youtuber, Lasizwe Dambuza shares Photos of his lover and gives no room for negativity as he turn of his comment.

If marks were awarded for how well he kept his lover a secret, he’ll sure have a perfect score because despite the fact that the comedian runs a reality show called Fake It Till You Make It that allows know the going on of all aspect of Laziswe’s life, no body got whiff of his love life, he sure did keep that safely tucked from public eyes without raising questions.

In the cute photo he posted, the comedian having embraced his feminine side can be seen sitting prettily in a chair while his lover stands tall behind him.

It was a bold move by the comedian to post his lover but what’s raising brows is the fact that he muted his comment section, this can only be read two ways, it is either he feels really insecure and cares about what the world would say or he just not leaving room for plenty talks.

What is your take on his action? Tell us in the comment section.