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Pearl Thusi Cries out for Help


In a sad video, South African actress Pearl Thusi shares her emotional turmoil, expressing a need for support.

Pearl Thusi Cries out for Help

The Queen Sono star, visibly pained, reaches out to her friends for comfort, revealing that she is going through a difficult time and could use a hug.

Pearl Thusi, known for her bold personality, now takes a vulnerable moment to address her emotional struggles. In the video, she appeals to friends who know her location, expressing a genuine need for support during this difficult period.

“I don’t usually do this, but to all my friends who know where I live, I am ordering hugs from you. I just need your support because I am going through a lot of emotional damage right now,” shares Pearl Thusi.

The video has left fans and followers worried, with many speculating on its connection to Thusi’s recent controversial club appearances.

Notably, the actress sparked controversy in September with revealing outfits, drawing criticism for potentially setting a negative example for young women.

“I can now understand why she has been naked all over the internet. May you find comfort and happiness at the right place” one of many concerned tweeps said.

“Hopefully she overcome whatever she is going through and should stay from flashing her life of social media. Haai man we get to the point where we don’t know what is and not real with bo Pearl” another also said