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Pearl Thusi Under the Heat After Crying for Help


Media personality Pearl Thusi sparked concern among her fans when she shared a video expressing the need for help.

Pearl Thusi Under the Heat After Crying for Help

The Queen Sono star later reassured everyone that she was okay and that the video was meant as a joke.

Despite her clarification, some fans criticized her, labeling her an “attention-seeker” for making light of serious issues. Some questioned the authenticity of her well-being even after the follow-up video. Over the weekend, Pearl Thusi shared a video online where she appeared distressed and asked for emotional support.

In the video, she mentioned going through a challenging time and requested hugs from friends who knew her location.

“I don’t usually do this, but to all my friends who know where I live, I am ordering hugs from you. I just need your support because I am going through a lot of emotional damage right now,” she said.

Following a wave of concern from fans, she posted another video, this time asserting that the initial clip was indeed a joke.

According to Pearl, she is doing well and has positive aspects in her life. The incident has sparked discussions about the boundaries of humor, particularly when it comes to sensitive topics.

This follow-up video has angered lots of netizens and they have asked her to pick a struggle.

“She cries out- we jump to save. End up like fools. She cries out- we ignore. We’re not thoughtful. She must act her age.” an angry tweep said.