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Prince Kaybee Shares Financial Lessons With Artists


Prince Kaybee is starting the year with some valuable advice for fellow artists in the music industry.

Prince Kaybee Shares Financial Lessons With Artists

Known for his outspoken nature, the artist is urging artists to be cautious about their finances.

In a recent message, DJ Prince emphasizes the importance of staying out of debt. He provides a practical illustration that many artists could easily find themselves in.

“Dear artists, you are technically in debt if you’ve been paid upfront for six upcoming shows but have already spent the money. It’s like chasing future work with income that’s already been used. You’ll end up providing a service without the necessary capital,” he shared.

This advice highlights the significance of managing income wisely and not overspending before actually earning it.

Being able to relate to his tweet, South Africans gave Prince Kaybee some thumbs up, adding their own insights.

“Your first sentence is as obvious as daylight. If I’ve already spent both December salaries, my January financial obligations are f*d. Rather offer advice such as don’t spend it until you’ve rendered the service or whatever you deem constructive advice for artists. Don’t flex.” a tweep said.

However, some disagreed

“this is spending your income before u have earned it! Technically not advisable to do”

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