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Prince Kaybee Slams Grammy for Being Partial


Prince Kaybee laments that the music industry no longer appreciates talent. Expressing this sentiment following the announcement of nominees for the 66th edition of the Grammys.

Prince Kaybee Slams Grammy for Being Partial

South Africa had a strong presence on the list, with Tyla receiving a nomination for her hit song “Water.” While Musa Keys earned a nod for his feature on Davido’s track, “Unavailable.”

Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, the DJ, known by his real name, affirms the belief that the Grammys prioritize popularity over genuine talent.

“The Music industry has never been about talent,” he tweeted.

Following this tweet is a bunch of people who affirm the DJ’s statement. Some people, on the other hand, accused Prince Kaybee of being a hater.

See some comments:

“Back in the used to be about TALENT…then social media came and exposed everybody for clicks and the music industry ran with it.” a tweep said.

“To a certain extent u are right. Thou talent does factor in its about image, appeal and popularity. As evidenced by that show that was canceled, called the Four. The judges chose those they felt will sell more records, and discarded pure, raw talent.” another mentioned

“So you didn’t win 1’s and 2’s due to talent???” an obvious lover of Tyla said.

“And how did you make it?? Cause you weren’t popular + was ugly…” said another reply.