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Sonia Mbele Clears The Air On Rumours She Failed To Pay Her Production Crew


Mzansi actress and movie producer Sonia has finally opened up on the recent rumours that she has refused to pay the production crew of her reality show Pastor’s Wives.

According to a report, the actress failed to pay her workers for three months (December, January and February).

Taking to Instagram, the star shared that this is one of the truest and realist open letters she will be doing.

Sonia captioned: “This is probably going to be one of the most truest and realist open letter there ever was. I’m sure you all woke up to what seemed like one of the most negative articles of all time. But I honestly want to reassure everyone who might slightly feel touched.”

She continued stating that’s she has been in the industry and an actress for 25 years and she is so sad that she’s being dragged when she was trying get to the top.

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