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Tweeps Have Ditched Lady Zamar For Sjava [Full Story]


Tweeps have switched sides after hearing Sjava‘s statement and side of the story following the rape accusation from Lady Zamar.

Lady Zamar – Vuzacast

Lady Zamar filed a rape case against Sjava and opened up about Him allegedly raping her and fans showed their support and have been trying to help her get justice. Sjava remained quiet about it all and received jabs, was almost cancelled and even lost gigs due to the accusation. The rapper lost so much gigs it has started to affect him financially and he couldn’t take it anymore.

Sjava – Vuzacast

He released a video, giving his statement and telling his side of the story, stating vehemently that he did not rape Lady Zamar. Sjava went further to explain how she knew he had a girlfriend but still went ahead with here relationship with him. And how she felt neglected in the relationship because he couldn’t make time for her.

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The 35 year old artist says he didn’t rape her and he would never d anything like that, but he did apologize for hurting her feelings. After listening to his part of the story, fans are starting to see the bigger picture an catching some loopholes in the original story told by Lady Zamar.

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They are demanding that the matter is solved and if Lady Zamar lied she should get punished for it. Some people think she is just being bitter towards him and are saying something is really not adding up with the entire situation.

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