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Zakes Bantwini Shares Sad Memory About His Late Friend, DJ Budda


Record producer cum businessman, Zakes Bantwini reflects on some of his painful memories of the past about his friend DJ Budda.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared how he lost his friend Sibusiso Manyandu known as DJ Budda through a horrible accident.

Zakes too was in the same accident but he was able to make it through but his friend, on the other hand, could not.

It was really a bad day for the star as they have worked closely with him.

The two have worked together in the past and they formed a record label along with a few other friends.

Zakes captioned: “Before money and jealous so-called friends divided us, we were one of the strongest labels to come out of Durban. Mayonie Productions paved the way for Durban Kwaito music/musicians. We lost our dear brother DJ Budda in an accident coming from a gig in Delmas.”

DJ Budda lost his life instantly while Zakes and L’vovo ended up in the hospital.

The tragic day broke Zakes’ heart and he still carries it with him even now.

“If I could advise my younger self I’ll say, do not ignore any signals and your inner voice cause I had a feeling we will split up but I didn’t believe it cause we were killing it and making a lot of money with number 1 albums. Budda I miss you, bro,” 

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